3rd Resilience Engineering International Symposium
Antibes – Juans les Pins (F), 28 – 30 October 2008

A comprehensive approach to assess organizational resilienceStolker, R., Karydas, D. M., Rouvroye, J. L., van Gestel, P., Roset, S., Ratelband, A. E.2944
A method for assessing health and safety management systems from a resilience engineering perspectiveCostella, M. F., Saurin, T. A., Guimaraes, L. B. de M.3310
A quick and dirty evaluation of resilience enhancing properties in safety critical systemsJohansson, B., Lindgren, M.1708
A systems dynamics representation of resilienceWears, R. L., Perry, S. J.2053
Agility and resilience in offshore operationsWahl, A. M., Brurok, T., Sleire, H.1445
BP Texas City accident: weak signals or sheer power?Le Coze, J. C.661
Challenges facing Resilience Engineering as a theoretical and practical projectMcDonald, N.1367
Characterisation of the variation in Safety Beliefs across the European Aviation IndustrySteele, K., Pariès, J.1176
Cognitive resilience in Emergency Room operations, a theoretical frameworkBracco, F., Gianatti, R., Pisano, L.1853
Cognitive strategies in emergency and abnormal situations training: implications for resilience in Air Traffic ControlMalakis, S., Kontogiannis, T.2100
Coordination in hospitals: organized or emergent process? Towards the idea of Resilience as the agents', groups', systems' capacity to project themselves into the futureA. S. Nyssen787
Encouraging people to do resilienceKomatsubara, A.1460
Enhancing inter-organizational resilience by loose coupling concept and complexity paradigmLalouette, C., Pavard, B.1453
Evolution of complex systems before, during and after crisisJacques, J. M.1004
From Flight Time limitations to Fatigue Risk Management SystemsCabon, P., Mollard, R., Debouck, F., Chaudron, L, Grau, J. Y., Deharvengt, S.1353
Identifying resilience in emergency response storiesdos Reis,, M. I.1386
Improving Resilience by "Pinging" to determine risk profile changes during maintenance workLay, B., Wreathall, J.1028
Is Resilience Engineering realist or constructivist?Le Coze, J. C. & Pettersen, K.1666
Is Safety Quality? Is Quality Safety?Cardiff, KA.940
Leading indicators applied to maintenance in the framework of resilience engineering: a conceptual approachHerrera, I.1358
Methodological issues in the quest of resilience factors1395
Modelling risk in Financial Services Systems: A Functional Risk Modelling PerspectiveSundstrom, G. A. & Hollnagel, E.1349
Resilience and brittleness in a Nuclear Emergency Response SimulationCosta, W. S., Voshell, M., Branlat, M., Woods, D., Gomes, J. O., Buarque, L.1413
Resilience assessment based on models of functional resonanceWoltjer, R.2120
Resilience in rail engineering workFerreira, P., Clarke, T., Wilson, J., Sharples, S., Ryan, B.948
Resilience in the training of nuclear operators - a view from the shop floorHildebrandt, M.1112
Resilience, adaptation and improvisation - increasing resilience by organising for successful improvisationGrøtan, T. O., Størseth, F., Rø, M. H., Skjerve, A. B.1915
Securing organizational resilience in escalating situations: Development of skills for crisis and disaster managementBergström, J., Petersen, K., Dahlström, N.1143
The art of balance: a study of conflicting goals in a change intensive systemTjørhom, B. B., Aase, K.2095
The ERTMS railway signalling system: deals on wheels? An inquiry into the safety architecture of high speed train safetyDekker, S., Stoop, J.1657
The quantification of resilience: learning environments and managing riskDuffey, R. B.1566
Towards an integrated vulnerability and resilience analysis for underground infrastructuresCagno, E., Grande, O., Trucco, P.1353
When worlds collide: interactions between inpatient and outpatient medication administration systemsWears, R. L., Perry, S. J., Spillane, J.812