What Previous YT’s Have to Say

Sudeep Hegde: Feedback from the YT workshop helped me augment the frameworks I was developing based on my research findings. This was not only helpful, but timely, since my dissertation defence was only two weeks after the symposium! The workshop helped me strengthen my grasp of the resilience paradigm even as I have since explored the concepts further in my postdoctoral work. Most importantly, perhaps, the YT workshop was a great chance to connect with other budding researchers from around the world, pursuing diverse areas of application of resilience concepts. Some of those connections have been the basis of enriching conversations on safety and resilience since the symposium.”

Claire Vanbelle: “Such a great experience!! I felt quite stressed at the beginning but I was delighted by the indulgence and the relevant and constructive comments of the contributors, and by the emulation sensation between the YT. It really helped me to consider my research with a different prospect.Also, being with other PhD students from other countries was really a positive and enriching aspect!
During the REA symposium, as a participant of the YT session, I was able to meet and talk with a lot of people, so it was also a good opportunity to start a professional network! Since the symposium, I’ve been back on the field (Antarctica) to collect more data, and I used the theoretical framework about resilience to guide my new data collection. My research approach partly evolved thanks to this symposium (I now try to analyse to what extent we have a resilient system in the French polar station in Antarctica).”

Matthew Alders: “Very positive experience…The YT workshop itself was valuable because it provided an opportunity to get some specific, detailed feedback from subject experts. It also provided a relaxed forum to discuss thoughts and reflections based on the presentations from other PhD students. Having a range of subjects was interesting because it allowed for various perspectives concerned with Resilience Engineering to be explored. Having a group of PhD students with various times to completion eg. 1st years, 2nd years, 3rd years etc. was interesting because it allowed for different perspectives to be explored… The dinner in the evening was great because it offered an opportunity to socialise with other PhD students – not something that you are normally able to do. The YT workshop allowed me to develop a more effective research proposal that has influenced the development of my project. I found it particularly helpful to attend the YT workshop at such an early stage of my PhD because I was able to accommodate the thoughts/feedback/questions into my project.”

Ron Gantt: The YT program was just really a great experience. Being able to get feedback on my research not only from some of the leaders in the field, but also to just get the opportunity to interact with some other young researchers was great. You get to share ideas, see different perspectives and even just see that you’re not alone in the process, as others are going through similar things as you.”