Small Details – Big Difference. Can Resilience Development change the future of aviation?

In 2013, the Luxair Human Factors Training Team decided to implement resilience engineering into their crew resource management training programs. It had to start with theory. “Resilience engineering in Practice” by E. Hollnagel, J. Pariès, D. Woods et al (2011), is the figurehead of resilience development. It is the reference for this new theory and surely has the potential to change the aviation world. However, it will be quite challenging for front line practitioners in aviation or in any other high risk environment to implement these principles into their everyday life. It has to be transposed into easy to use intuitive principles. Read more about Luxairs three step process to integrate the topic. Or have a look at their power point presentation.
Also, the Luxair Trainer Handout to treat the topics resilience, resilience engineering, resilience development was handed over to us. The CRM course is a joint course for flight crew and cabin crew members and had been embedded into a full day crew resource management training event.