6th Resilience Engineering International Symposium
Lisbon (Portugal), 22 – 25 June 2015

Rule violations and resilience in healthcareBack_J. Et Al525
Multiobjective formulation for network resilienceBarker_K. et al660
Practical safety an ethical contribution to resilienceBlazsin_H. & Guarnieri_F.485
What can non-routine events teach us about managing resilienceBlocker_ R.385
Overview of challenges in resilience engineeringBruno_M. & Boumphrey_R.399
Managing Climate Resilience for the European Aviation SectorBurbidge_R.289
A participatory approach to improve resilience in command and controlCarvalho_P. et al705
Violation or resilience_A comparison between two frameworks for making sense of work-as-doneCostella_M. et al548
Meals and Ingredients_Coping with Compound Resilience StrategiesDay_J. et al328
Understanding Resilience in Flight OperationsDijkstra_A.573
Adapting to the unexpected in the cockpitField_J. & Woltjer_R.595
Managing resilience throughout the nuclear power plant lifecycleGotcheva_N. et al605
Training for Operational Resilience CapabilitiesGrotan_T. & van der Vorm_J.390
Resilience engineering in designHerrera_I. et al580
On the nature and role of organizational dynamics in adaptive safetyHettinger_L. et al239
Dialogic Sensemaking as a Resource for Safety and ResilienceHunte_G. et al430
A Quantitative Resilience Framework for Interdependent Networks- AbstractHutchison_D. et al387
Divide and conquer strategies for enhanced resiliency in electrical transmission linesJaison_S. et al417
Collaborative Resilience ManagementKanno_T. et al436
Managing the resilience of pilots in the cockpitKunz_C. & Waefler_T.596
Organising human and organisational resilience and reliability research program and application for nuclear power plants organisationLe Bot_P.193
Managing Resilience with A Web of Knowled (WeKnow) to sense and shape collective stress situationLegaspi_R. & Maruyama_H.396
Leveraging risk register information for developing resilience through risk intelligenceLeva_M.C. & Balfe_N.437
What make a complex socio-technical systems brittleMacchi_L. et al353
Observing resilience_Air Traffic Control Centre contribution to everday operationsRagosta_M.380
Balancing goal trade-offs when developing resilient solutionsRichters_F. et al472
Engineering Resilience To Power OutagesRigaud_E. et al346
Sociotechnical System Resilience Assessement And Improvement MethodRigaud_E. et al348
Supporting prospective sensemaking in an unpredictable worldRosness_R. et al364
The management of rules and procedures in construction complex systemSanches_R. et al283
Classification and assessment of slackSaurin_T.491
Exploring synergies between the design of sops and the development of resilience skillsSaurin_T. et al308
Exploring synergies between the design of sops and the development of resilience skillsSaurin_T. et al301
Resilience and networksSchraagen_J.M.680
Introducing the concept of resilience into maritime safetySchröder-Hinrichs_J.U. et al1062
Can team reflection of rail operators make resilience-related knowledgeSiegel_W. & Schraagen_J.M.418
Disasters community spontaneous actions and community resilienceSilva_J. et al400
Loss of control_an inherent frontier for managing resilienceStoop & DeKroes549
Engineering strategy_a holistic view on the design of complex systemsvan Kleef_E.339
Enhancing resilience by introducing a human performance programViitanen_K. et al461
Developing resilience skills through scenario-based trainingWachs_P. et al852
More Requirements more safetyWahlström_M. et al391
Safety error and resilience a meta-narrative reviewWears_R. & Sutcliffe_K.434
Towards using FRAM to balance resilience and adaptabilityWerfs_M.514
An overview of agility and resilience_from crisis management to aviationWoltjer_R. et al716
Experiences in Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in light of resilience engineeringYoshizawa_A. et al550