One event deserves special announcement:

the upcoming 7th International Resilience Engineering Symposium!

Following an appreciated tradition, the Resilience Engineering Association is already preparing the 7th International Symposium on Resilience Engineering in 2017. We will build on the last success in Lisbon with a good memory to vivid, diverse and interesting meetings at a beautiful and relaxed venue. A challenging Young Talents Programm and several workshops (e.g. with our ergonomics colleagues) perfected the symposium program and will be part of the next “REA7SYM” as well.

From several offers to host the next symposium the Belgium, University of Liège, Laboratoire d’Ergonomie Cognitive et d’Interventions au Travail is requested by the REA to organise the next symposium. The University and the City of Liège are expected to provide a promising ambiance for both having a dynamic and high quality symposium again and to engage with a new audience from scientific and business communities.

Prof Anne-Sophie Nyssen has kindly accepted to be our host and has already started organising the symposium in close cooperation with the Resilience Engineering Association. For more information please follow the symposium website that will open soon.

The scheduled date for the symposium is: 26, 27, 28 and 29th of June 2017. You are invited to make our symposium known in your networks, at your sites, etc.

More information about the Symposium will be available on : REA