The REA is in mourning for its friend, founding member, and leader, Bob Wears.
Those of you who wish to express their condolence to Bobโ€™s family or/and pay him tribute can do it through this condolence book. It will be conveyed to his family.

Please share a message in remembrance of Bob.

We'll remember Bob.
Mike Rayo wrote on September 26, 2017:
Bob has always been a shining light, trying, coaxing, and cajoling the Healthcare industry and anyone else who would listen into hearing about this "new" perspective of safety that values people above all else, and is cynical (at best) of quick fixes and quicker counting. All of my encounters with him were memorable and moving, and I cherish every one of them. We miss you, Bob!
Peter McCulloch wrote on September 21, 2017:
I was shocked and saddened to hear of Bob's passing, a great loss to the small community of serious thinkers studying how to make healthcare better and safer. I loved his unconventional thinking and wonderfully acerbic sense of humour, and regarded him as a friend and mentor. I'm sorry he never got to share with me the app he had which ensured every e-mail was accompanied by a witty footnote, and I will greatly miss his wise advice and supportive warmth for fellow strivers. Vaya con Dios Bob,y una bendicion.
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Nyssen Anne Sophie wrote on August 22, 2017:
We missed you at the 7th REAsymp2017 and we will long miss you ...
Gudela Grote wrote on August 2, 2017:
The few times I met Bob personally, I was impressed by his calm wisdom, socially as well as academically. It is a terrible thing to lose him.
Jean-Christohe Le Coze wrote on July 25, 2017:
I am so sorry to hear the sad news about Bob. I first met him in Juan les Pins in 2006 then kept in touch since then, including as part of his PhD jury. Bob was a fascinating guy with a rich mixed background of disciplines which he integrated in an expended view of the safety & resilience issue. He was a lovely person and I will forever remember his company and our conversations in 2014 in Danemark then Scotland. His knowledge and wisdom will leave a large hole in our community of researchers and practitioners. My thoughts are with his friends and family.
Gary Wong wrote on July 21, 2017:
My heartfelt condolences to Bob's family over the sudden loss of an amazing person. I always looked forward on our Resilience Healthcare Learning Network conference calls when Bob was either presenting or adding his deep insights on a topic. He truly will be missed.
Guy Loft wrote on July 21, 2017:
It's very hard to accept that such a brilliant, warm, modest and funny man has suddenly left us. And the world is unquestionably a poorer place for his departure. My heart goes out to his family, who must all be devastated by the huge loss. Bob, I'm really going to miss you. You were truly great.
Tarcisio Saurin wrote on July 21, 2017:
I first met Bob Wears in the 2012 RHCN meeting in Denmark and based on this contact I was eventually introduced to healthcare researchers from my own University who I did not know - this played a key role for the start of resilient healthcare research in my University. My memory of him is that of a very friendly person, a brilliant academic and an enthusiastic member of resilience engineering. My condolences to his family.
Ivonne Herrera, Norway - Colombia wrote on July 21, 2017:
As mentioned in the Resilience Health Care Network. A very sad news. I first meet Bob during Resilience Engineering symposiums then also during FRAMily meetings. I remember his curiosity about FRAM during the meetings at Sophia Antipolis. I am impress about his work and publications. He provided great contributions to resilience engineering, safety science and complex systems. His work within health care has been a source of inspiration. His humbleness, curiosity, critical view and knowledge are excellent examples. I will miss him, it is a intense loss as Erik Hollnagel express in the RHCN. I am very thankful for his work and opportunities I had to discuss and interact with Bob.
Jeanette Hounsgaard, Denmark wrote on July 21, 2017:
In March 2012, I met Bob Wears for the first time at a conference in Copenhagen, the 2nd Nordic Conference on the Research in Patient Safety & Quality. He presented the challenges of standardizing complex systems like health care. His presentation started with the question โ€œIs standardised Care a Solution to Safety & Quality Issues?โ€. People around me said โ€œYou will enjoy this presentation by Mr. Standardizationโ€. During his presentation, Bob unfolded to me a totally new perspective on standardization when dealing with complex and chaotic work situations. I still have the slides from the presentation. I still remember him saying: โ€œ Everybody wants standards to make somebody else do somethingโ€, โ€œ Hindsight does not lead to foresightโ€ in a complex world and โ€œWhen all think alike, no one thinks very muchโ€. Later I got to know Bob as a pleasant, warm and humorous man. Bob stayed for a month at the Centre of Quality in Middelfart, Denmark. I work in the centre on resilience together with a good friend of Bob, Erik Hollnagel. Bob wanted to start writing a book. At work at the centre, I enjoyed the everyday contact with Bob and the beautiful debates related to resilience and complexity between Erik Hollnagel and Bob during coffee breaks. I know that Bob enjoyed biking in the beautiful nature around Middelfart and the local beer from breweries near Middelfart. I will always remember Bob and how he has influenced my work to improve quality and patient safety in health care.
Sandi Kossey, Canadian Patient Safety Institute wrote on July 20, 2017:
A remarkable man and an amazing thought leader and contributor to the fields and science of patient safety and resilience engineering. What gifts he has left us with... Comfort to his friends and family in knowing that he made a difference in the lives of many.
Wrae Hill - Nanaimo BC wrote on July 20, 2017:
Bob was such a positive influential thinker and brought a very practical, pragmatic lens to this complex area of system research. I (try to) apply these ideas to patient flow challenges daily. Bob will be sorely missed.
Tanya Hewitt wrote on July 20, 2017:
I was very privileged to have had Bob Wears as the external examiner on my doctoral defense - I needed to do some heavy lobbying to my committee, and was delighted when the logistics worked out. He later gave a talk for the system safety society which will be fondly remembered by those present. His wisdom will always be with us, as he has written prolifically for decades, and has tirelessly (as many gurus in Safety) presented a new way to look at our world. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends - he will be missed by very very many.
Sudeep Hegde wrote on July 20, 2017:
As a graduate student and later as postdoc, Bob was my 'go-to' person for advice on resilience in health care. This was because he was brilliant at articulating deep insights, while always being so approachable and warm as a person. When he was in Boston last year for a lecture, he came to me after a dinner meet, appreciated my work as a young researcher and said "If there is any way in which I could be helpful to you, do not hesitate to let me know". Such a class act. But that was Bob. He will always remain in my heart.
Sara Albolino wrote on July 20, 2017:
Always in my heart for your positive energy and kindness. See you in next life Sincerely yours, Sara
Johan van der Vorm wrote on July 20, 2017:
I will miss Bob as a loyal, open and very friendly colleague and member of the REA Council. His contributions to the REA community will not be forgotten. I wish his family all strengths with this loss.
Amy Wilson wrote on July 20, 2017:
I met Bob at the REA conference in 2015 and walked away inspired by his presentation and work in the healthcare domain. Though he is no longer with us, his work is long-standing and will have a lasting impact.
Ghilamabbas Shirali wrote on July 20, 2017:
A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. I am deeply saddened by the news of your loss. I pray that God will grant you the strength. My most sincere condolences.
Elaine Pelletier wrote on July 20, 2017:
Remembering Bob's thoughtful kindness in conversation my heartfelt sympathies to those who have lost a friend, colleague and dear person.